OTIS (Online Team Information System) is a project that came about as the team began to grow exponentially.
In the summer between my Junior and Senior years, I learned how to write PHP (dynamic web code) and how interact with MySQL databases. I realized that with a web database application we could provide a means of Information transparency and communication among team members. I created a system which is currently being used to:
  • Mass text-message the team
  • Keep up-to-date emergency contact information
  • Generate profiles on the team website
  • Allow team members to create blog entries
  • Manage the instituted team fundraising hour requirements that must be met before the member will get his/her way paid to the regional competition. These hours are tracked in a Google spreadsheet, from which their hours are pulled and populated on their dashboards so they can see their current progress.

OTIS empowers team members to manage themselves and their own information.